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I’m horrible at introductions – I avoid them at all costs. This would probably explain why it took me so long to start this blog. I would literally rather scoop my eyeballs out with a fork than be put into any type of situation that could trigger my rejection sensitivity dysphoria. But if you’re reading this, then chances are, you feel the same way so, here we go.

Some of you might know me from @ferraribrainclub a social community that I built on Instagram in December 2021 for women with ADHD to normalize neurodiversity.

What started as a passion project of hyperfocus has grown into a community of over 16,000 neurodivergent women from around the world. It was as if I had opened Pandora’s Box, a secret society full of misunderstood busy brains just like myself! 

Like most women, I didn’t get diagnosed with ADHD until I was 31 years old, after years of being told that I had anxiety & depression. It wasn’t until I got a big girl job (that I was actually able to keep long enough to qualify for health insurance ) that I managed to find a “professional” that would actually listen to me – after years of being stuck in some sick game of monkey in the middle, bouncing me around from doctor to doctor.

The fact that people were mislabeling my bigger-than-life personality as anxious/depressed made my blood boil. How dare they?! Discouraged yes, but depressed? You tried it. And anxious? Duh. But that’s not the root of my issue.

Fun fact. I’m Black & Puerto Rican –  so being misunderstood was hard-wired into my DNA long before ADHD was ever discovered. There were so many times that I wanted to (did) have a meltdown or had to stick up for myself because I couldn’t get someone to listen to me. Which is turn had me written off many times ass the angry black women.

I was over it.

I remember telling myself, nobody should have to go through this much of a headache to get help. Nobody should have to feel alone and literally beg for relief.

For far too long we have accepted the bare minimum, throwing in the towel of life at the slightest misunderstand. We rage quit our jobs because employers lack neurodiversity awareness and isolate ourselves from society because we are physically exhausted from masking. 

Finding out that you have been essentially living a lie, is one of the most devastating and liberating realizations that a woman with ADHD can experience.

Which is exactly why I created the Ferrari Brain Club and spent the last year vibing out with my newfound girl gang.

Somehow I managed to get on Instagram every single day for the past year and MANUALLY post (because I still can’t for the life of me figure out how to auto-post). The same me who can barely remember to wash her face at night.

December marks one year since I embarked on this journey with @ferraribrainclub and I want to take a second to thank each and every one of you who have rode out with me, shared your personal stories and helped us spread neurodiversity awareness.

Look at me….talking about “I’m horrible with introductions” and then proceeding to type an essay. Imposter syndrome, much?



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